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Khonshens Redefines the Modern Day Gyalis

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Konhsens’ latest song, entitled “Gal Dem Sugar”, describes the modern day woman and the evolving roles men and women play during seduction and relationships. The video unravels with Konshens telling a male friend the story of how he meets an attractive woman who seduces him, insists on paying for everything, takes him to a private villa and then presents him with a surprise gift, another female.

The title/ chorus “Gal Dem Sugar” pays homage to the 2000 Beenie Man classic entitled “Girls Dem Sugar” featuring Mya, produced by The Neptunes on Virgin Records. Released almost 17 years ago, this earlier single helps us to see a total shift in male, female roles. The scenario in this earlier release paints a picture of Bennie Man being a gyalis, who is admired by many women and being egotistic, believes he is able to satisfy them all. Even married women, whose naive husbands finance his cheating escapades.

Although these roles have evolved, the tables have not turned. Several lines in Konshens’ song reinforces this “The gal dem need me”, “We govern the gal dem so” and by referring to himself as “gangsta”, “rude boi”, Konshens has provided a modern day definition of a gyalis. The fact that he is still in the demand of multiple women, who he manipulates for sexual favours reinforces his power position, irrespective of whether the woman is financially in charge.

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