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Spice gets raw under the sheets

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Often deemed the female equivalent to Vybz Kartel, Spice, the diva of dancehall is relentless in her pursuit to pushing her creative boundaries, controversy and taking her craft to new levels. Likewise, her latest concept and video release, entitled ‘Sheets’, has sparked a social craze.

‘Sheets’, a dance and song, is quicky becoming the new dancehall phenomena, as Spice and her dance team, Team Spice Dancers, have been performing it live in nightclubs, on stage and through a series of videos entitled – The Sheet Challenge, where fans are also encouraged to show their performance “under the sheets”. ‘Sheets’, is similar to the banned dance style – Daggering, depicting public simulations of ‘hardcore/ dry sex’ activities, although the participants are partially covered with a sheet used as a prop.

It is clear that a great deal of quality cinematography has been invested in the official music video.  The video also pays homage to her fans as their Instagram messages are continuously trending on the screen. One of her notable fans, being Niki Minaj, who has also been commenting on the ‘Sheet’ craze.


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