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Ishawna: A country divided

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Jamaica probably has not been this divided since the last elections or even the Gully vs Gaza feud. Ishawna has single-handedly captured the nations imagination and aggravated religious institutions with her controversial song entitled ‘Equal Rights and Justice’, a feminist song declaring women’s rights in the bedroom.

Performed over Ed Sheeran’s, ‘Shape of you’ riddim, a dominant line of Ishawna’s chorus states “but if you want head my yute, you have to suck this”. Ishawna has received backlash from dominant males in dancehall, whilst the general public remains torn. Kiprich, was quick with a clap-back entitled ‘No Eating Rights’, stating; “mi nah return the favor“… “nah put you inna my plait”. Blak Ryno followed with his clap-back stating: “Bad man head no go under girl skirt”. Whilst a few artists such as Alkaline rose to Ishawna’s defense, stating “some a unu a some B—- C—— hypocrite”.

Bounty Killer has been the latest to take on the feud. Having received confirmation that he will be sharing the same stage with Ishawna at the Bikini Fish Floss, Bounty Killer threatened to rush Ishawna if she performed the song. He later threatened promoters that he would not share the stage with her in future events. Ishawna responded via her twitter stating: “This Festive badd!!! Lol mi neva know me and Killa agh war dung a Portland next week?… bring it on Rodney… #equalrights”. 

Clearly, tensions continue to ride high concerning this highly controversial song, as Jamaica braces itself for what might be an epic show-down between Ishawna and dancehall icon, Bounty Killa.


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